Interventions and Strategies in Counseling and Psychotherapy

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This book acknowledges the important contributions of Alfred Adler and illustrates the many ways in which Adlerian ideas underpin and influence contemporary therapeutic approaches. It brings together today's leading thinkers to address the practice of counseling and psychotherapy from a social-cognitive perspective.The contributors have applied the basic ideas of Alfred Adler to modern therapeutic approaches, including play therapy, parent education, couples therapy, brief therapy, and problem-solving therapy. By logically combining classic Adlerian theories with proven and effective methods from other approaches, the authors have created a clear and concise guide to the modern practice of counseling and psychotherapy.This book is essential reading not only for Adlerian psychologists, but also for counselors, psychologists, and psychotherapists of any theoretical grounding who wish to keep their practical skills up-to-date.


The Vision and Influence of Adler: An Introduction. Brief Therapy Strategies and Techniques. Problem-Solving Counseling: Integrating Adler's and Glasser's Theories. Hypnotherapy. Clinical Therapy. Couple Therapy. Family Therapy: The Art of Integration. Open Forum Family Counseling. Play Therapy. Parent Education: Selected Programs and Current and Future Needs. The Integration of DSM Diagnoses and Adlerian Psychotherapy. The Scientific Study of Adlerian Theory.
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