Maintaining Biodiversity in Forest Ecosystems

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September 2004



Discusses the ways in which we can continue to benefit from forests, while conserving their biodiversity.


Foreword J. Ward Thomas; Preface; Part I. Introduction: 1. Biological diversity M. Hunter; 2. Principles of ecological forestry R. Seymour and M. Hunter; Part II. The Macro Approach, Managing Forest Landscapes: 3. Species composition B. Palik and R. Engstrom; 4. Dynamic forest mosaics T. Spies and M. Turner; 5. Abiotic factors A. Hansen and J. Rotella; 6. Forest edges G. Matlack and J. Litvaitis; 7. Islands and fragments Y. Haila; 8. Riparian zones M. Brinson and J. Verhoeven; 9. Forested wetlands A. Calhoun; Part III. The Micro Approach, Managing Forest Stands: 10. Dying, dead and down trees W. McComb and D. Lindenmayer; 11. Vertical diversity N. Brokaw and R. Lent; 12. Production silviculture S. Moore and H. Lee Allen; 13. Special species I. Thompson and P. Angelstam; 14. Genetic diversity C. Millar; Part IV. Synthesis and Implementation: 15. Restoration ecology L. Frelich and K. Puettman; 16. Forest reserves D. Norton; 17. Forest organization, management and policy C. Oliver, M. Boydak, G. Segura and B. Bare; 18. The economic perspective B. Lippke and J. Bishop; 19. Social perspectives L. Maguire; Taxonomic index; Author index, Subject index.


'Malcolm Hunter has provided us with an excellent volume covering the important topical areas of managing forests for biological diversity. ... A 'must read' volume for scientists, students and managers involved with managing forests for biological diversity.' Jerry F. Franklin 'I believe that this pioneering effort will find its way into the classrooms of the Academy and into the libraries of scholars of forestry and wildlife management. More important yet, I predict that this book will significantly influence practitioners of the rapidly evolving art and science of ecosystem management.' Jack Ward Thomas, from the Foreword '... a valuable reference tool for natural resource managers, students, and scientists who are interested in learning more about maintaining forest diversity and ecosystem management.' BIOSIS '... the book adds useful information to the sustainable forestry debate, helping to bolster informed opinion on other aspects of forestry than just sustainable timber production. It should appeal to a broad range of readers.' Bulletin of the British Ecological Society '... it is encouraging to read a book about the work of so many foresters and ecologists who are trying to work positively for the environment. I hope that this most informative volume about the natural history, biodiversity and scientific studies of the environment will be heeded.' Sir Ghillean Prance, Times Higher Education Supplement '... a useful addition to the libraries of teachers and mentors of aspiring conservation professionals everywhere.' Ecology '... an important contribution ... reading this book changed my way of thinking about forestland management, in a very constructive way.' Richard A. Lancia 'Overall, I was impressed with the book - with the freshness of the approach, relative modernity of the information; by the consistency between the chapters; and by the attempt to make the material relevant and stimulating ... It deserves wide readership amongst managers, researchers and students.' Institute of Chartered Foresters
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