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Internationally known as a leader and innovator in hydrotherapy, Margaret Reid Campion has long been associated with the Halliwick approach to exercise techniques in water. This book combines her previous works on paediatric and adult hydrotherapy: the valuable rehabilitative and recreational ideas for children in water are linked with constructive and sensible guidelines for both traditional and original prescriptions for the rehabilitation of adults.


Principles; Practice of paediatric hydrotherapy; Practice of adult hydrotherapy; Health promotion; Appendix; Index


'This is a definitive and practical account of both paediatric and adult
hydrotherapy ...'
Overall this is an excellent textbook, and I would not hesitate to
recommend it to anyone working in a hydrotherapy pool, as it enhances
existing knowledge and inspires one to try new ideas.
'this text provides an excellent reference for principles and practice of hydrotherapy ...It would be especially useful to those starting up a hydrotherpay service or to any physiotherapist who sees a variety of clientele.' Australian Physiotherapy
Journal of Association of Chartered Physiotherapists
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