The Modern Chinese State

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Januar 2005



First book to examine systematically the evolution of the Chinese state.


Introduction: The evolving modern Chinese state David Shambaugh; 1. The late imperial Chinese state H. Lyman Miller; 2. The Chinese state during the Republican era Ramon H. Myers; 3. The post-1949 state in the republic of China on Taiwan Bruce J. Dickson; 4. The Maoist Chinese state Frederick Teiwes; 5. The post-Mao Chinese state David Shambaugh; 6. The Chinese Communist Economic State in Comparative Perspective Jan Pryblya; 7. The Future of the Chinese State Harvey Nelsen.


'... a refreshingly different approach ...' The Journal of Asian Studies 'Shambaugh should be congratulated for bringing together some of the best scholars in the field to produce some of the best analyses in the field. The book deserves to be widely read.' NZJAS 'This collection is an excellent introduction to the latest literature on state-building in China, and will be particularly useful for historians and political scientists without much previous knowledge of that country ... this book can be highly recommended.' History
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