The Internal Constitution of the Stars

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Januar 1987



The publication of The Internal Constitution of the Stars by Arthur Eddington in 1926 was a major landmark in the development of modern theoretical astrophysics. Not only did Eddington effectively create the discipline of the structure, constitution, and the evolution of the stars, but he also recognised and established the basic elements of our present understanding of the subject. The influence of the book is indicated by the remark by H. N. Russell in 1945: 'This volume has every claim to be regarded as a masterpiece of the first rank'.


Foreword; Preface; 1. Survey of the problem; 2. Thermodynamics of radiation; 3. Quantum theory; 4. Polytropic gas spheres; 5. Radiative equilibrium; 6. Solution of the equations; 7. The mass-luminosity relation; 8. Variable stars; 9. The coefficient of opacity; 10. Ionisation, diffusion, rotation; 11. The source of stellar energy; 12. The outside of a star; 13. Diffuse matter in space; Appendixes; Index.


'If you are interested in historical excursion and don't mind a little physics and calculus, Internal Constitution will be well worth your effort, due to Eddington's eloquent and flowing style.' American Association of Variable Star Observers
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