Graph Theory

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A classic reference for students and researchers in graph theory and its applications.


1. Graphs and subgraphs; 2. Concontractions and the theorem of Menger; 3. 2-Connection; 4. 3-Connection; 5. Reconstruction; 6. Diagraphs and paths; 7. Alternating paths; 8. Algebraic duality; 9. Polynomials associated with graphs; 10. Combinatorial maps; 11. Planarity.


'This is a classic textbook, written by one of the pioneers and most distinguished contributors to the field, and dealing with many of the central themes of graph theory. The treatment of all these topics is unified by the author's highly individual appraoch: this is not just another textbook in graph theory! This book has much to offer to any reader interested in graph theory. ... providing an excellent preparation for some slightly more specialised topics, such as the theory of planar enumeration and chromatic polynomials of maps.' EMS 'The text contains many of the deeper results, and demands concentration, but this will be rewarded.' Mathematika
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