An Introduction to Active Galactic Nuclei

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November 2004



The first comprehensive graduate-level textbook on one of the most dynamic areas of contemporary astronomy - the study of 'active galactic nuclei'.


Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Basic properties and a brief historical perspective; 2. Taxonomy of active galactic nuclei; 3. The black hole paradigm; 4. Continuum emission; 5. The broad-line region; 6. The narrow-line region; 7. Unified models of AGNs; 8. The environment of AGNs; 9. The geometry of the expanding universe; 10. Quasar surveys; 11. The quasar luminosity function and evolution; 12. Quasar absorption lines; References; Bibliography.


'... Bradley Peterson's An Introduction to Active Galactic Nuclei takes us to the strange world of supermassive black holes and the surounding accretion discs ... The clarity and pace of his descriptions of these fascinating objects will inspire students.' David Hughes, New Scientist 'This is a very reasonably priced textbook for astrophysics students interested in AGNs.' Irish Astronomical Journal 'Brad Peterson is a well known and prolific research scientist working on AGN ... he has written an excellent introductory text for students and fellow researchers alike ... This is an excellent textbook. Well written, well produced, and, in paperback ... reasonably priced. Highly recommended for undergraduates and research students, and for those who want to know what all that telescope time is being used for.' Paul O'Brien, The Observatory
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