Sport in the City: The Role of Sport in Economic and Social Regeneration

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April 2001



This book covers the significance of sport in economic, cultural and political terms. It discusses the theory and practice of sports related policy for urban development.


Part One Introduction: 1. Sport in the City - Research Issues, Ian Henry and Chris Gratton. Part Two Sport and Economic Regeneration: 2. An Analysis of Sources of Momentum that Underline the Investment of Local Public Funds on Major Sporting Facilities and Events, John Crompton; 3. The Role of Major Sports Events in the Economic Regeneration of Cities - Lessons from Seven World and European Championships, Chris Gratton; 4. A Comparison of the Economic Contribution of Hallmark Sporting and Performing Arts Events, Lynley Ingerson. Part Three Sports Events - Bidding, Planning and Organization: 5. A Critical Analysis of the Organization of Major Sports Events, Nigel Dobson and Rosalind Sinnamon; 6. The Economic Impact of Two Major Sporting Events in Two of the UK's "National Cities of Sport", Simon Shibli and Chris Gratton; 7. Bidding to Host a Major Sports Event - Strategic Investment or Complete Lottery?, Paul Emery; 8. The Case of Euro 96 - Where Did the Party Go?, Rex Nash and Sam Johnstone. Part Four Urban Sports Tourism: 9. Sporting a New Image? Sport-based Regeneration strategies as a Means of Enhancing the Image of the City Tourist Destination, Andrew Smith; 10. Sport in the Port - Leisure and Tourism in the Maritime City, Jenny Anderson and Chris Edwards; 11. Imaging, Tourism and Sports Event Fever - The Sydney Olympics and the Need for a Social Charter for Mega-Events, Michael Hall. Part Five Sport and the Development of Urban Communities: 12. Social Benefits of Sport - Where's the Proof?, Jonathan Long and Ian Sanderson; 13. Sport and Cultural Diversity - Why are Women Being Left Out?, Tracy Taylor and Kristine Toohey; 14. Sports Facility Development and the Role of Forecasting - A Retrospective on Swimming in Sheffield, Peter Taylor. Part Six Politics and Sports Policy: 15. Sport, Leisure and European Union Regional Policy; Sport Matters - Urban Regime Theory and Urban Regeneration in the Late Capitalist Era, Kimberley S. Schimmel; 18. Sports Policy Research in the City of Antwerp (Belgium), Marc Theeboom and Paul DeKnop; 19. Developing an Urban School Sports Strategy - A Case Study of Leeds, Peter Bramhan. Part Seven Conclusion: 20. Sport in the City - Where Do We Go From Here?, Chris Gratton and Ian Henry.
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