The Physical Chemistry of Natural Waters

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An in-depth discussion of the thermodynamics and kinetics of natural waters Divided into three major parts- structure of matter, chemical thermodynamics, and chemical kinetics- physical chemistry is concerned with the measurement, description, and prediction of the characteristics of chemical systems and their interaction with each other with respect to the transfer of mass and energy. Physical Chemistry of Natural Waters explores how the basic concepts of physical chemistry can be used to understand the chemistry of natural waters, with most of the text confined to chemical thermodynamics and kinetics. The extensive material in this book is the result of a course in marine physical chemistry that the author has taught over the past decade. Dr. Millero incorporates his own personal interest in solution physical chemistry and his approach to understanding the physical chemistry of seawater with the text' s vast coverage of the physical chemistry of liquid phases. In addition, detailed reviews of the basics of thermodynamics and kinetics provide a comprehensive overview for a clearer understanding of the topics covered. Environmental and physical chemists conducting research on water, seawater, rivers, lakes, and groundwater as well as graduate students studying environmental chemistry will find Physical Chemistry of Natural Waters a solid foundation on the subject of the physical chemistry of natural waters.


Symbols, Physical Constants, and Conversion Factors. Introduction. Basic Thermodynamic Concepts. Basic Kinetic Concepts. Ionic Interactions. Physical Chemical Properties of Natural Waters. Chemical Equilibria in Natural Waters. Estimation of the Thermodynamic Properties of Natural Waters. The Kinetics of Oxidation and Reduction of Metals in Natural Waters. The Oxidation of Hydrogen Sulfide in Natural Waters. Author Index. Subject Index.


FRANK J. MILLERO, PhD, is Professor of Marine and Physical Chemistry in the Division of Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry in the Rosentiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami in Florida.
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