The Cambridge Companion to the Classic Russian Novel

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Dezember 2002



A comprehensive account of classic Russian fiction of the past two hundred years.


Acknowledgements; Notes on contributors; Chronology; Editors' preface Malcolm V. Jones and Robin Feuer Miller; 1. Introduction Malcolm V. Jones; Part I. The Setting: 2. The city Robert Maguire; 3. The countryside Hugh MacLean; Part II. The Culture: 4. Politics Gareth Jones; 5. Satire Lesley Milne; 6. Religion Jostein Bortnes; 7. Psychology and society Andrew Wachtel; 8. Philosophy in the nineteenth-century novel Gary Saul Morson; Part III: The Literary Tradition: 9. The romantic tradition Susanne Fusso; 10. The realist tradition Victor Terras; 11. The modernist tradition Robert Russell; Part IV. Structures and Readings: 12. Novelistic technique Robert Belknap; 13. Gender Barbara Heldt; 14. Theory Caryl Emerson; Guide to further reading; Index.


'The Cambridge Companion to the Classic Russian Novel is a provocative and challenging read ... Cambridge University Press has offered once again an excellent thematic study of a tradition that has produced some of the most profound, psychologically insightful, and spiritually challenging texts - those of the classic Russian novelist.' Moscow Tribune
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