Introduction to Mechanics of Materials

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Februar 1989



A concise, updated successor to the successful Mechanics of Materials by Higdon, Olsen, Stiles, Weese, and Riley. This text is designed for a first course in mechanics of deformable bodies; it presents the concepts and skills that form the foundation of all structural analysis and machine design. Presentation relies on free-body diagrams, application of the equations of equilibrium, visualization and use of the geometry of the deformed body, and use of the relations between stresses and strains for the material being used. Stress transformation is covered later in this book than in the Higdon text. Includes many illustrative examples and homework problems. Also contains computer problems and an appendix on computer methods.


Introduction to Stress, Strain, and Their Relationships. Axial Loading: Applications and Pressure Vessels. Torsional Loading. Flexural Loading: Stresses. Flexural Loading: Deflections. Statically Indeterminate Beams. Stress and Strain Transformation Equations. Combined Static Loadings. Columns. Inelastic Behavior. Energy Methods. Appendices. Answers. Name Index. Subject Index.
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