Viable Populations for Conservation

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Juni 2004



This book addresses research in the rapidly developing integration of conservation biology with population biology.


Preface; 1. Introduction Michael E. Soule; 2. The demography of chance extinction Daniel Goodman; 3. Extinction models and mammalian persistence Gary E. Belovsky; 4. Minimum viable population size in the presence of catastrophes Warren J. Ewens, P. J. Brockwell, J. M. Gani and S. I. Resnick; 5. Minimum viable populations: coping with uncertainty Mark Shaffer; 6. Effective population size, genetic variation, and their use in population management Russell Lande and George F. Barrowclough; 7. Spatial structure and population vulnerability Michael E. Gilpin; 8. Managing critically endangered species: the Sumatran rhino as a case study Lynn A. Maguire, Ulysses S. Seal and Peter F. Brussard; 9. The role of interagency cooperation in managing for viable populations Hal Salwasser, Christine Schonewald-Cox and Richard Baker; 10. Where do we go from here? Michael E. Soule; Index.


"I believe Michael Soule has provided a book which will be a useful tool and reference for those involved in decision making for the field of conservation biology." The Canadian Field Naturalist
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