The European Monetary System

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The European Monetary System has, since its inception in 1979, provided a fascinating example of policy coordination in practice. As concern about exchange-rate instability and global economic imbalances has grown, both academic researchers and policy makers have looked to the EMS for lessons about cooperation on a wider scale. This volume contains the papers and proceedings of a conference organized by the Centre for Economic Policy Research in cooperation with the Banca d'Italia and the Centro Interuniversitario di Studi Teorici per la Politica Economica. The conference brought together distinguished academics and central bankers offering a timely summary of current research on the European Monetary System, while the concluding panel discussion provides a valuable perspective on the concerns of policy-makers.


List of figures; List of tables; Preface; 1. Introduction Niels Thygesen; Part I. The International Environment: 2. The European Monetary System, the dollar and the yen Rudiger Dornbusch; Discussion Robert Triffin; Discussion Charles Wyplosz; Part II. Disinflation, External Adjustment and Cooperation: 3. Monetary discipline and cooperation in the European Monetary System: a synthesis Jacques Melitz; Discussion Jose Vinals; 4. The role of the exchange-rate regime in a disinflation: empirical evidence on the European Monetary System Francesco Giavazzi and Alberto Giovannini; Discussion William Branson; 5. Inflation and the European Monetary System Susan M. Collins; Discussion Jean-Jacques Rey; 6. Economic growth and exchange rates in the European Monetary System: their trade effects in a changing external environment Stefano Vona and Lorenzo Bini Smaghi; Discussion David Begg; Part III. Exchange Rates, Capital Mobility and Monetary Coordination: 7. Exchange rates, interest rates, capital controls and the European Monetary System: assessing the track record Michael J. Artis and Mark P. Taylor; Discussion Emil-Maria Claassen and Eric Peree; 8. The stability and sustainability of the European Monetary System with perfect capital markets John Driffill; Discussion Daniel Gros; 9. Competitiveness, realignment, and speculation: the role of financial markets Maurice Obstfeld; Discussion Marcus Miller; Discussion Herakles Polemarchakis; 10. Interventions, sterilisation and monetary policy in European Monetary System countries, 1979-87 Cristina Mastropasqua, Stefano Micossi and Roberto Rinaldi; Discussion Wolfgang Rieke; 11. Monetary policy coordination within the European Monetary System: is there a rule? Massimo Russo and Giuseppe Tullio; Discussion Lucas Papademos; Part IV. The Future of the European Monetary System: 12. The European Monetary System: a long-term view Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa; 13. A new phase in the European Monetary System - exchange-rate constraint, capital liberalisation and policy coordination; a report of the conference panel discussion Lamberto Dini, Peter Kenen, Rainer Masera, Wolfgang Rieke, Luigi Spaventa and Jacques Waitzenegger; Index.


"...it should be said that Francesco Giavazzi, Stefano Micossi and Marcus Miller have edited an interesting volume to be recommended to anyone interested in the study of the EMS." Journal of International Economics
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