An Historical Geography of Modern Australia: The Restive Fringe

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Dezember 2004



In this major new study, J.G. Powell presents a truly authoritative and comprehensive historical geography of Australia during the second century of immigrant occupation.


List of illustrations; List of tables; Preface; Part I. Crimson Thread, 1880-1914: 1. Prodigal children: an introduction; 2. State and nation; Part II. Building The Temple, 1914-50: 3. Imperialism, protectionism, democratic nationalism; 4. Debt of honour: Soldier Settlement, 1915-29; 5. Science and the frontier; 6. Conservation and planning in the 'last of lands'; Part III. Nationalism And Dependency, 1950-86: 7. A changing society; 8. The Janus face of Australian industry; 9. Agriculture and the modern federation; 10. Conclusion: arrivals and departures; Notes; Select bibliography; Index.


'This book is a most welcome addition to the Australian literature generally and will be particularly well received by both historians and geographers working on a wide range of topics concerning our continent. Powell's book truly spans the two disciplines, disciplines which he correctly identifies as almost inseparable in the Australian context.' Australian Geographer 'This book will have a major impact. It provides a basic key not only to the most significant published research of a leading Australian geographer, but also to the articulation and implementation of resource-based public policies and programmes in Australia over the last century.' Australian Geographical Studies
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