Hong Kong Under Chinese Rule: The Economic and Political Implications of Reversion

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November 2004



A balanced analysis of a sensitive subject: Hong Kong's future prospects.


Introduction Warren I. Cohen; 1. Hong Kong as an international commercial center Philip Bowring; 2. Hong Kong faces 1997: legal and constitutional Issues James V. Feinerman; 3. The economic and political integrations of Hong Kong: implications for government-business relations Yasheng Huang; 4. Hong Kong and Greater China: an economic perspective Changqi Wu; 5. One country, two currencies: monetary relations between Hong Kong and China Edgardo Barandiaran and Tsang Shu-ki; 6. Cooking the rice without cooking the goose: the rule of law, the battle over business, and the quest for prosperity in Hong Kong after 1997 Jacques deLisle and Kevin P. Lane; 7. Political participation in Hong Kong: trends in the mid-1990s Joseph Y. S. Cheng; 8. Strategic and military implications of Hong Kong reversion Ronald Montaperto; 9. Hong Kong and China's integration into the international community Michael Yahuda; 10. Hong Kong as a problem in China-American relations Nancy Bernkopf Tucker; 11. Post-July 1997 challenges Kenneth Lieberthal.


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