Moral Leadership: Getting to the Heart of School Improvement

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Moral Leadership shows how creating a new leadership practice--one with a moral dimension built around purpose, values, and beliefs--can transform a school from an organization to a community and inspire the kinds of commitment, devotion, and service that can make our schools great. Sergiovanni explains the importance of legitimizing emotion and getting in touch with basic values and connections with others. He reveals how true collegiality, based on shared work and common goals, leads to a natural interdepAndence among teachers and shows how a public declaration of values and purpose can help turn schools into virtuous communities where teachers are self-managers and professionalism is considered an ideal.


Reinventing Leadership. What Motivates? What Inspires? The Sources of Authority for Leadership. Subsitutes for Leadership. Creating a State of Flow at Work. Followership First, Then Leadership. Collegiality as a Professional Virtue. The Virtuous School. Leadership as Stewardship: "Who's Serving Who?" Epilogue: The Antidote Can Become the Poison. Appendix A. Core Leadership Values: Appleton, Wisconsin, School District. Appendix B. A Vision for the School System in the Year 2000: Peel Board of Education, Ontario. Appendix C. Our Values: Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, North Carolina. Appendix D. Reflections on a Democratic Structure for Leadership in New Schools.


THOMAS J. SERGIOVANNI is Lillian Radford Professor of Education and Administration, senior fellow at the Center for Educational Leadership, and founder of the Trinity Principal's Center at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. He is the author of several books, including The Lifeworld of Leadership, Leadership for the Schoolhouse, and Building Community in Schools.


"Moral Leadership provides a vision of what could (and probably should) be. . . . It is loaded with substance, and the reader may want to revisit some sections for further reflection." (Educational Leadership)"An excellent book that offers much to the seasoned administrator and should be on the list of required reading for introductory administration classes." (NASSP Bulletin)
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