Scientist of Empire: Sir Roderick Murchison, Scientific Exploration and Victorian Imperialism

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Juni 2002



A life of the eminent Victorian who 'sold' science to the imperial government.


List of illustrations; Preface; Introduction; 1. The King of Siluria; 2. The antipodes; 3. The Americans; 4. The Middle East; 5. The Indian empire and Central Asia; 6. The Far East; 7. Africa; 8. The architect of imperial science; List of abbreviations used in the notes and bibliography; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


"This work, carefully researched and precisely written, is a useful addition to the literature of the history of the British Empire. It will be equally useful to scientists and historians of science." The Historian "...a detailed exploration of the interactions of science and the forces of British imperialism... It deserves a place in all good geological libraries, and on the shelves of any geologist wanting a proper understanding of the context in which British and Commonwealth science still operates. " Nigel Woodcock, Geology "...adds considerably to our understanding of Murchison and to our knowledge about the public role of science in the Victorian era." Joe D. Burchfield, American Historical Review "...my admiration for the author's exhaustive research and for the clarity and skill with which he discusses Murchison's many undertakings." Leroy E. Page, Isis "Stafford...argues his thesis convincingly and well, and Scientist of Empire will no doubt light the way for others to venture into the cultural history of science on a surer footing." Suzanne Zeller, Victorian Studies
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