A Protestant Vision: William Harrison and the Reformation of Elizabethan England

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Juli 2002



This book sets an Elizabethan intellectual's worldview in the broader context of European Protestant thought.


Preface; Part I. A Protestant Vision of History: 1. The two churches; 2. A reformed chronology - patterns and parallels; 3. A reformed chronology - interpreting the prophecies; Part II. A Protestant Vision of England: 4. A reformed church; 5. A reformed Prince; 6. A reformed commonwealth; 7. A reformed natural philosophy; Index.


'Cambridge are to be congratulated for reprinting this work fifteen years after its publication. A Protestant Vision demands to be read, even if one is not specifically interested in Harrision or in the progress of the English Reformation after John Bale. ... A Protestant Vision is a fine work that makes important contributions to intellectual, religious and political history. Indeed, its singluar achievement is to link these often disparate subjects together making it impossible to study the Reformation in isolation form early modern science or any debates on early modern political formations.' Institute of Historical Research
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