Medicine and Modernity: Public Health and Medical Care in Nineteenth- And Twentieth-Century Germany

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Juli 2002



A collection of essays on fundamental issues in the history of medicine in modern Germany.


Introduction Geoffrey Cocks; 1. To benefit the poor and advance medical science: hospitals and hospital care in Germany, 1820-1870 Johanna Bleker; 2. From traditional individualism to collective professionalism: state, patient, compulsory health insurance and the panel doctor question in Germany, 1883-1931 Alfons Labisch; 3. In search of German social Darwinism Richard J. Evans; 4. Modern German doctors Charles E. McClelland; 5. The mentally ill patient caught between the state's demands and the professional interests of psychiatrists Heinz-Peter Schmiedebach; 6. Rationalizing the therapeutic arsenal Paul Lerner; 7. Sterilization and 'medical' massacres in National Socialist Germany Gisela Bock; 8. The Nuremberg doctors' trial and the German Sonderweg as harbinger Geoffrey Cocks; 9. The debate that will not end: the politics of abortion Atina Grossman; 10. The sewering scandal of 1993 and the German medical establishment Michael H. Kater.


"...rich in information and insight...The book's contributions to the field should prove useful to anyone interested in the subject." Vincent A. Clark, German Studies Review "But because it takes wider views, and contains some excellent new essays, I can recommend Medicine and Modernity to both historians and physicians." Nick Hopwood, Lancet "We have, then, very rich fare. Medicine and Modernity brings recent German medical history to life, making it conveniently available for readers not able to read the growing literature in German. If there are any lessons in history, this collection may be a good place to look for them." Gert H. Brieger, MD, Journal of the American Medical Association "...this collection of essays is a welcome addition to the otherwise sparse English-language literature on the history of German medicine." Eric J. Engstrom, Jrnl of Interdisciplinary History
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