The Investigation of Difficult Things: Essays on Newton and the History of the Exact Sciences in Honour of D. T. Whiteside

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Februar 2002



A collection of scholarly essays on Newton and the history of the exact sciences.


Part I. Mathematics and Astronomy to Newton: 1. Lunar velocity in the Ptolemaic tradition Bernard R. Goldstein; 2. The Sciametria from Kepler's Hipparchus N. M. Swerdlow; 3. Descartes, Pappus' problem, and the Cartesian parabola Henk Bos; 4. Honore Fabry E. A. Fellman; Part II. Newton's Manuscripts: 5. Sotheby's Keyens and Yahuda P. E. Spargo: 6. De Scriptoribus chemicis Karin Figala et al; 7. Beyond the dating game Alan Shapiro; Part III. Newton's Principia: 8. The critical role of curvature in Newton's developing dynamics Bruce Brackenridge; 9. Newton and the absolutes A. Rupert Hall; 8. Newton's ontology Zev Bechler; 10. Newton's mathematical principles of natural philosophy Alan Gabbey; 11. The review of the first edition of Newton's Principia in the Acta Eruditorum Bernard Cohen; 12. Newton, Cotes David Fowler; Part IV. Newton and Eighteenth-Century Mathematics and Physics: 14. A study of spirals Ronald Cowing; 15. The fragmentation of the European mathematical community Lenore Feigenbaum; 16. Euler on action at a distance and fundamental equations in continuum mechanics Curtis Wilson; 17. St Peter and the rotation of the Earth Domenico Bertolini Meli; Part V. After Newton: 18. Why Stokes never wrote a treatise on optics Jed Buchwald; 19. Maxwell and Saturn's rings Peter M. Harman; 20. Poincare, topological dynamics Jeremy Gray.


'The essays are interesting, original and sound. This is the history of science at its best.' Observatory '... presents methodologically sophisticated papers whose relevance for the general history of science no historian will doubt.' British Journal for the History of Science
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