Hegel's Social Philosophy: The Project of Reconciliation

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November 2002



This book provides an authoritative account of Hegel's social philosophy at a level that presupposes no specialised knowledge of the subject.


Acknowledgments; Abbreviations; Introduction; Part I. An Approach to Hegel's Project; 1. The problems of Hegel's project; 2. Geist and Doppelsatz; 3. The concept of reconciliation; Part II. The Project of Reconciliation: 4. The anatomy of the project; 5. Individuality and social membership; 6. The family, civil society and the state; 7. Divorce, poverty and war; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


"Michael Hardimon's carefully and clearly argued, deeply nuanced book represents an important contribution to the ongoing Hegel renaissance. A short review can never do justice to such a richly argued work so replete with detail and example. Hegel scholars will learn much from it, and those innocent of Hegelian language will find it a good place to begin." Terry Pinkard, Ethics "Micahel Hardimon's new book is a valuable study of Hegel's social and political philosophy...Hardimon deliberately resists using Hegel's technical terminology and engaging in detailed scholarly disputes in a successful effort to avoid obscurity and distraction. The result is a book that should be prized by anyone seeking an accessible presentation of Hegel's social philosophy, particularly as a vehicle for teaching Hegel's political thought without having to devote an entire course to the task." The Philosophical Review
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