Building Academic Literacy: Lessons from Reading Apprenticeship Classrooms Grades 6-12

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April 2003



"Building Academic Literacy: Lessons from Reading Apprenticeship Classrooms, "Grades 6-12, features pieces by five middle and high school teachers working with the Reading Apprenticeship instructional framework introduced in R"eading for Understanding," (Schoenbach, et al, Jossey-Bass, 1999). Filled with instructional tips, lesson plans, and curriculum resources, this book offers guidance on conducting Academic Literacy courses as well as readings from a companion student book-- "Building Academic Literacy: An Anthology for Reading Apprenticeship." It can serve as an excellent resource for any content area teacher, grades 6-12, looking for classroom-based ideas to motivate adolescents in becoming more active, engaged and strategic readers.


Preface.Acknowledgments.1. Supporting Adolescent Readers: An Introduction to the Academic Literacy Course and the Reading Apprenticeship Framework (Ruth Schoenbach).2. "A Really Good Conversation": Engaging Students in Working with Texts (Daniel Moulthrop).3. Awakening the Reader Within (Lisa Messina, Elizabeth Baker).4. The Voice Inside Your Head Asks, "Are You Comprehending?" (Carolyn Orta).5. Creating a Reading Apprenticeship Classroom (Amy Smith).6. Designing an Effective Academic Literacy Course (Ruth Schoenbach).Appendix A: Academic Literacy Four-Unit Curriculum Matrix.Appendix B: Academic Literacy Course Time Line: Embedding Routines Across the Year.Appendix C: Academic Literacy in English: Course Description.Appendix D: Academic Literacy, Unit Three: Reading History.Appendix E: Student Reading Survey.Appendix F: Academic Literacy Student Competencies.Appendix G: Degrees of Reading Power Test of Reading Comprehension.Appendix H: Degrees of Reading Power Readability Index for Anthology Selections.Notes.Bibliography.About the Authors.About the Sponsor.Index.


The Editors Audrey Fielding is a consultant with the Strategic Literacy Initiative at WestEd and the Bay Area Writing Program. Ruth Schoenbach is codirector of the Strategic Literacy Initiative at WestEd. Marean Jordan is director of Professional Development of the Strategic Literacy Initiative at WestEd.
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