British Theatre Between the Wars, 1918 1939

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This volume initiates a long-overdue reassessment of mid-twentieth-century British theatre cultures.


List of illustrations; Notes on contributors; Introduction Maggie B. Gale; 1. Theatre and society: the Edwardian legacy, the First World War and the inter-war years Clive Barker; 2. Body parts: the success of the thriller in the inter-war years John Stokes; 3. When men were men and women were women John Deeney; 4. Girl crazy: musicals and revue between the wars James Ross Moore; 5. Errant nymphs: women and the inter-war theatre Maggie B. Gale; 6. Blood on the bright young things: Shakespeare in the 1930s Tony Howard; 7. The religion of socialism or a pleasant Sunday afternoon?: The ILP Arts Guild Ros Merkin; 8. Delving the levels of memory and dressing up in the past Mick Wallis; 9. The ghosts of war: stage ghosts and time slips as a response to war Clive Barker; Index.


Clive Barker has had a long career combining practical work and academic teaching. His ideas on actor training were published as Theatre Games in 1977. He is co-editor of New Theatre Quarterly published by Cambridge University Press. Maggie B. Gale is Senior Lecturer in Drama and Theatre Arts at the University of Birmingham. She is the author of West End Women; women on the London stage 1918-1962 (1996) and joint editor with Viv Gardner of Women, Theatre and Performance: New Histories, New Historiographies (2000).


'... an excellent, assured, and suggestive collection of essays.' Contemporary Theatre Review 'This anthology offers a diversity of approaches to the rich mix of the period's theatre making. I feel certain that it will, in addition, inspire readers to pull some hitherto neglected plays from their bookshelves and rediscover the richness of British drama between the wars.' Theatre Research International '... excellent collection ... Each chapter offers an admirable overview supported by extracts from contemporary writings, either critical or dramatic, familiar or lost in time. The result is a vivid account not only of the drama on stage, but of the perceptions and preoccupations of the audience for which these dramas were written.' Modern Language Review
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