Advances in Human Performance and Cognitive Engineering Research

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Januar 2003



Technology is rapidly changing the field of human resources management (HRM), and propelling the field in some entirely new directions labeled eHR-electronic human resources. Thus, this volume focuses on technology, eHR, and virtual organizations. Well-known experts in eHR review the trends in the field including employee self-service, e-learning, strategies for implementing eHR, virtual work arrangements and their impact on human resources management. In addition, the volume focuses on the implications of using technology for HRM, and the functional and dysfunctional consequences of using technology to achieve HRM goals (such as privacy and employee customer satisfaction issues). The volume should be especially useful for researchers and practitioners in the fields of HRM and information technology.


Introduction to Volume 3 (D.L. Stone); How technology facilitates virtual work arrangements (W.F. Cascio); The brave new world of eHR (H.G. Gueutal); The functional and dysfunctional consequences of human resource information technology for organizations and their employees (D.L. Stone et al.); Distance learning in organizations: a review and assessment of future needs (M.P. Kosarzycki et al.); Technology: Implications for HRM (R. Cardy, J. Miller); Changing the rules? Human resources in the 21st century virtual organization (R.D. Johnson, L.C. Isenhour); Information technology implementation: the need for compensation system congruency (J.H. Dulebohn); Back to the future: a classical consideration of the impact of technology on human resources management (M. Schminke, J.G. McCardle).


"[O]ffers a readable insight into the very specialized field of HRM and how it is being affected by technology" - ERGONOMICS
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