Ethics and Foreign Intervention

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This collection of original essays on the ethical and legal implications of humanitarian military intervention presents a variety of normative perspectives. It considers topics such as the just-war theory and its limits, secession and international law, and new approaches toward the moral adequacy of intervention. Written by well-known contemporary philosophers, the essays form a challenging and timely volume that will interest political philosophers and theorists, readers in law and international relations, and anyone concerned with the moral dimensions of international affairs.


1. Introduction Deen K. Chatterjee and Don E. Scheid; Part I. The Conceptual and Normative Terrain: 2. Intervention: should it go on, can it go on? Stanley Hoffman; 3. Selective humanitarianism: in defense of inconsistency Chris Brown; Part II. Just War Perspectives and Limits: 4. Reciprocity, stability, and intervention: the ethics of disequilibrium Michael Blake; 5. From Jus ad Bellum to Jus as Pacem: re-thinking just war criteria for the use of military force for humanitarian ends George R. Lucas, Jr.; 6. Bombing to rescue?: NATO's 1999 bombing of Serbia Henry Shue; 7. The burdens of collective liability Erin Kelly; Part III. Secession and International Law: 8. The ethics of intervention in self-determination struggle Tom Farer; 9. Secession, humanitarian intervention, and the normative significance of political boundaries Christine Chwaszcza; 10. Secession, state breakdown, and humanitarian intervention Allen Buchanan; Part IV. The Critique of Interventionism: 11. Respectable oppressors, hypocritical liberators: morality, intervention and reality Richard W. Miller; 12. Violence against power: critical thoughts on military intervention Iris Marion Young; 13. War for humanity: a critique C. A. J. Coady.


Dean K. Chatterjee is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Utah. Don E. Scheid is Professor of Philosophy at Winona State University.


'This is a wonderfully inclusive and argumentative collection of essays. Chatterjee and Scheid have brought together some of the best people writing about just war, humanitarian intervention, and political secession. All the hard questions are raised here, and the answers are intelligent and illuminating and, what is most important, sharply contested.' Michael Walzer, Institute for Advanced Study
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