Domestic Regulation and Service Trade Liberalization

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August 2003



This book addresses two key questions: What impact can international trade rules on services have on the design and pursuit of domestic regulatory decisions? How can such negotiations be harnessed to promote and consolidate domestic policy reform? This timely volume offers contributions from many of the world's leading experts on trade on services.


1. DOMESTIC REGULATION AND TRADE IN SERVICES: ADDRESSING THE GATS ARTICLE VI:4 WORK PROGRAMME; 2. TRANSPAREWNCY IN DOMESTIC REGULATION: PRACTICES AND POSSIBILITIES; 3. Addressing Regulatory Divergence in Services through International Standards: A Sectoral analysis of disciplines on Domestic Regulation and International Standard-Setting in Financial Services; 4. Regulatory Discrimination in Domestic United states Law: a Model for GATS?; 5. Lessons for GATS Article VI from the SPS, TBT and GATT Treatment of Domestic Regulation; 6. DOMESTIC REGULATION AND TRADE IN TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES: EXPERIENCE AND PROSPECTS UNDER THE GATS; 7. GATS Regulatory Disciplines Meet Global Public Goods: the Case of Transportaion services; 8. Regulatory Reform and Trade Liberalisation in Services: The Benefits and Limitations of Strengthened GATS Rules- Accountancy Services; 9. Energy Services, Domestic Regulation and the WTO; 10. Regulation of Health Services and International Trade Law; 11. LOOKING AHEAD: DOMESTIC REGULATION AND THE GATS
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