The History of Family Business, 1850 2000

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This historical and comparative overview of family business examines the different relationships within family businesses and among family enterprises, as well as different political and institutional contexts. Andrea Colli compares the performance of family businesses with that of other economic organizations, and looks at how these enterprises have contributed to the evolution of contemporary industrial capitalism. He also analyzes the reasons for both the decline and persistence of family businesses.


Introduction; Part I. Family Business: Nature and Structure: 1. In search of a definition: quality and quantity; 2. Changing perspectives on family firms; Part II. Geographical, Sectoral and Dimensional Distribution of Family Firms: 3. Stages of the industrialization process; 4. Industry typology; 5. Financial systems; 6. Institutional framework; 7. Culture; 8. Families, firms and ideologies; Part III. Family Firms in the Era of Managerial Enterprise: 9. Which role for family firms? The traditional view; 10. Which role for the family firm? Toward a new perspective; 11. Old problems, open questions: leadership succession, corporate governance, and path dependence; 12. Conclusions; 13. Bibliographical essay; 14. Bibliography.


Andrea Colli is Assistant Professor in Economic History at the Universit... Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milan.


'... this short book will prove very useful to students of business and economic history.' The Economic History Review
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