Essays on the History of British Sociological Research

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Februar 2004



This book traces the history of British sociology and empirical social research over the last hundred years.


Preface; Part I. Introduction: 1. The development of sociology and of empirical social research in Britain Martin Bulmer; Part II. History: 2. Social monitors: population censuses as social surveys C. Hakim; 3. The emergence of the sociological survey, 1887-1939 Raymond Kent; 4. Durkheim, Booth and Yule: the non-diffusion of an intellectual innovation Hannan C. Selvin and Christopher Bernert; 5. The Governmental Social Survey Frank Whitehead; 6. Methodological research on sample surveys: a review of developments in Britain Gerald Hoinville; 7. Mass-Observation 1937-1949 Angus Calder; 8. The Institute of Community Studies Peter Willmott; 9. Provincials and professionals: the British post-war sociologists A. H. Halsey; 10. On the eve: a prospect in retrospect Edward Shils; Part III. Use: 11. The uses of British sociology, 1831-1981 Philip Abrams; 12. Informants, respondents and citizens Catherine Marsh; 13. Surveys of poverty to promote democracy Peter Townsend; 14. Reading the palm of the invisible hand: indicators, progress and prediction Lorraine F. Baric; Index.
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