Aboriginal Health and History: Power and Prejudice in Remote Australia

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Februar 2004



The Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (1987-1991) focused attention on the behavioural dimension of Aboriginal health and the lack of appropriate services. This book is a systematic analysis of the sociohistorical and intercultural aspects of mental health in one area of remote Australia, the Kimberly. The author shows how the effects of social disruption, cultural dislocation and loss of power suffered by Aboriginal people have manifested themselves in certain behavioural patterns. The book analyses rising mortality rates from suicide, accidents and homicide amongst Kimberley Aboriginal communities and studies the economic impact of alcohol on these communities. It also considers the role of alcohol in producing violent behaviour and affecting the general level of health.


Preface; 1. Caduceus and clipboard; 2. Time; 3. Mabarn and medicine; 4. Mortality in a time of change; 5. Alcohol; 6. Suicide; 7. Bloodlines: violence to self and others; 8. Issues of identity; 9. Structures and change; References; Index.


"...an important addition to a still small, but growing, library of books on the health of aboriginal peoples of the world." T. Kue Young, Annales CRMCC "...there is much of value here for anyone interested in substance use and abuse, as well as for anyone interested in the impact of European contact on indigenous peoples." Stephen J. Kunitz, Medical Anthropology Quarterly
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