Dudley Docker: The Life and Times of a Trade Warrior

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Dudley Docker (1862 1944) was one of the most powerful European businessmen of his era, through his secretiveness and taste for intrigue served to obscure his importance. This book is a feat of detection and historical reconstruction which establishes him as a figure of substantial influence. Like all good business history it transcends narrow departmental interests. It is a solid mixture of business, economic, political, social and even diplomatic history. It sketches the life and times of Docker: it describes the deals he fixed, recounts the rise and fall of the companies he directed, but also recreates the milieu in which he worked and portrays British socio-economic history from his standpoint. The book's chief theme is the decline of British industrial hegemony since 1880.


List of illustrations, figures and tables; Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; 1. Dudley Docker and his world; 2. Domestic life and early career; 3. Birmingham's industrial titan 1902-14; 4. Business leagues and business newspapers 1905-14; 5. The Great War 1914-18; 6. The Federation of British industries and the British Commonwealth Union 1916-22; 7. Diplomacy, the British Trade Corporation and the British Stockbrockers Trust 1916-25; 8. Armaments, electricity and rolling-stock 1917-29; 9. Inter-war politics 1922-39; 10. International electrical and railway trusts 1914-44; 11. Birmingham Small Arms 1918-44; 12. Conclusion; Notes; Bibliography; Index.
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