Modern England, 1901-1984

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This edition thoroughly updates the most comprehensive bibliography of printed books, articles, and standard texts on England in the twentieth century. As well as England, there is considerable information on Ireland, Scotland, the Commonwealth and the colonies. All aspects of the period are included except literature per se and local history that is of restricted relevance. The book also contains chapters on existing bibliographies, catalogues, guides, handbooks and general surveys as well as an index of authors, editors and translators. This handbook will be a useful tool for scholars and teachers at all levels, as well as the general reader interested in examining the period in depth.


Preface to the second edition; Abbreviations; Explanatory notes; 1. Bibliographies; 2. Catalogues, guides, and handbooks; 3. General surveys; 4. Constitutional and administrative history; 5. Political history; 6. Foreign relations; 7. Social history; 8. Economic history; 9. Labour history; 10. Urban history; 11. Agricultural history; 12. Science and technology; 13. Military and naval history; 14. Religious history; 15. History of the fine arts; 16. Intellectual history; Index of authors, editors, and translators.
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