From Mobilization to Civil War: The Politics of Polarization in the Spanish City of Gijon, 1900 1937

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Juni 2004



A local study of the origins of the Spanish Civil War at 'grass roots' level.


Introduction; 1. A turning point: the city in 1900; Part I. Patterns of Life in Working-Class Gijon: 2. The structural context: economy, demography and urban space, 1900-1936; 3. Culture and community in working-class Gijon; Part II. Institutional Forces of Opposition: Republicans and Anarchosyndicalists: 4. The republican parties and municipal politics, 1900-1930; 5. The republicans in power: municipal politics, 1931-1936; 6. The trade union movement, 1900-1936; Part III. Defining an Oppositional Culture: The Struggle over the Public Sphere: 7. Republican culture: a nation of citizens; 8. Labour movement culture: 'the brotherhood of workers'; Part IV. The Urban Battlefield: Conflict and Collective Action, 1901-1936: 9. Conflict and collective action, 1900-1923; 10. Conflict and collective action during the Republic, 1931-1936; Conclusion.


'... well focused and soundly based ... This is precisely the type of book that has been so seriously lacking in the historiography of contemporary Spain'. History ' ... this important new study is a vital contribution to the contemporary history of Spain and to the history of polarisation and protests in modern Europe'. English Historical Review '... highly challenging and provocative as well as controversial ... This is, without doubt, a convincing and illuminating analysis of popular mobilization, social struggle, and conflict, evolving from the initial consumer and food riots to more organized forms of collective action in a society in transition from elite to mass politics.' Historical Journal
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