Pontius Pilate in History and Interpretation

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Dezember 2004



This study reconstructs the life of Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor responsible for the execution of Jesus. The first section provides the historical and archaeological background. The following chapters look at six first-century authors: Philo, Josephus and the four gospel writers. Each chapter asks how Pilate is being used as a literary character in each work, why each author describes Pilate in a different way, and what this tells us about the relationship between each author and the Roman state.


Introduction; 1. Pontius Pilate and the Roman Province of Judaea; 2. Pilate in Philo; 3. Pilate in Josephus; 4. Pilate in Mark's Gospel; 5. Pilate in Matthew's Gospel; 6. Pilate in Luke/Acts; 7. Pilate in John's Gospel; 8. Historical events behind the gospel narratives; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


'A valuable contribution ... thorough and scholarly study.' John Court, Church Times
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