Physics and Probability: Essays in Honor of Edwin T. Jaynes

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The pioneering work of Edwin T. Jaynes in the field of statistical physics, quantum optics, and probability theory has had a significant and lasting effect on the study of many physical problems, ranging from fundamental theoretical questions through to practical applications such as optical image restoration. Physics and Probability is a collection of papers in these areas by some of his many colleagues and former students, based largely on lectures given at a symposium celebrating Jaynes' contributions, on the occasion of his seventieth birthday and retirement as Wayman Crow Professor of Physics at Washington University. The collection contains several authoritative overviews of current research on maximum entropy and quantum optics, where Jaynes' work has been particularly influential, as well as reports on a number of related topics. In the concluding paper, Jaynes looks back over his career, and gives encouragement and sound advice to young scientists. All those engaged in research on any of the topics discussed in these papers will find this a useful and fascinating collection, and a fitting tribute to an outstanding and innovative scientist.


Preface; 1. Recollection of an independent thinker Joel A. Snow; 2. A look back: early applications of maximum entropy estimation to quantum statistical mechanics D. J. Scalapino; 3. The Jaynes-Cummings revival B. W. Shore and P. L. Knight; 4. The Jaynes-Cummings model and the one-atom-master H. Walther; 5. The Jaynes-Cummings model is alive and well P. Meystre; 6. Self-consistent radiation reaction in quantum optics - Jaynes' influence and a new example in cavity QED J. H. Eberly; 7. Enhancing the index of refraction in a nonabsorbing medium: phaseonium versus a mixture of two-level atoms M. O. Scully, T. W. Hansch, M. Fleischhauer, C. H. Keitel and Shi-Yao Zhu; 8. Ed Jaynes' steak dinner problem II Michael D. Crisp; 9. Source theory of vacuum field effects Peter W. Milonni; 10. The natural line shape Edwin A. Power; 11. An operational approach to Schrodinger's cat L. Mandel; 12. The classical limit of an atom C. R. Stroud, Jr.; 13. Mutual radiation reaction in spontaneous emission Richard J. Cook; 14. A model of neutron star dynamics F. W. Cummings; 15. The kinematic origin of complex wave function David Hestenes; 16. On radar target identification C. Ray Smith; 17. On the difference in means G. Larry Bretthorst; 18. Bayesian analysis, model selection and prediction Arnold Zellner and Chung-ki Min; 19. Bayesian numerical analysis John Skilling; 20. Quantum statistical inference R. N. Silver; 21. Application of the maximum entropy principle to nonlinear systems far from equilibrium H. Haken; 22. Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics Baldwin Robertson; 23. A backward look to the future E. T. James; Appendix. Vita and bibliography of Edwin T. Jaynes; Index.
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