The Social Responsibilities of Business: Company and Community, 1900-1960

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The concept of the social responsibility of business has roots in the Puritan doctrine of stewardship as well as the nineteenth-century 'gospel of wealth,' but business leaders only began to consider community welfare as a whole in the context of their corporate aspirations of the latter half of the twentieth century. The Social Responsibilities of Business surveys the history of corporate actions in pursuit of social responsibility, and attempts to assess likely developments. Reissued in 1988 by Transaction with a new introduction by the author and now available in paperback, the volume provides Heald the opportunity to evaluate his earlier predictions and identify prospects for further development in the area of corporate social responsibility.


"[A] well-documented study that reflects a careful choice of source materials. The author's judgments are sober, balanced, and objective.... A genuine contribution to deeper understanding of America's social conscience in the twentieth century." - Gerald D. Nash, Journal of American History"
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