The Asian Future: Dialogues for Change (Volume II)

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April 2005



For several decades the Western model of development has been criticized forcefully from Asia. But there has been little intellectual articulation of what the alternatives might be--at a micro and macro level--from an Asian perspective. Do the various communities in Asia share anything significant beyond an abhorrence of the local effects of globalization and Western dominance? These two volumes bring together the ideas and experiences of some of the outstanding politicians, intellectuals and social activists from diverse traditions and faiths in Asia. Through in-depth interviews and dialogues an understanding of shared spiritual, social and ecological values emerges.


Contents; Foreword by His Holiness The Dalai Lama; Introduction; 1. Walden Bello; 2. Vandana Shiva; 3. Chandra Muzaffar; 4. Arief Budiman; 5. Satish Kumar; 6. Hisashi Nakamura; 7. Samdhong Rinpoche


Pracha Hutanawatr is a social activist and intellectual in Thailand and the director of the Wongsanit Ashram near Bangkok. Ramu Manivannan is a teacher, scholar and peace activist from India, and the founder of the Spirit in Life Movement. He is a reader in political science at the University of Delhi. Both editors are leading members of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists.

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