Fred Hoyle's Universe

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Fred Hoyle was a Yorkshire truant who became the voice of British astronomy. For fifty years, he spoke out for astronomy in the newspapers, on government committees, at scientific meetings, in popular books and on the radio. He devised a never-ending history of the universe, and worked out how
the elements were made. He founded a prestigious institute for theoretical astronomy and built a giant telescope, and if it rained on his summer holiday, he sat in his caravan and wrote science fiction novels for his legions of fans around the world.
Fred Hoyle also claimed that diseases fall from the sky, that the big bang never happened, and that the Astronomer Royal should be abolished. When the outspoken Fred Hoyle spoke out for astronomy, some astronomers really wished he had kept his mouth shut.
This book tells the behind-the-scenes story of Hoyle's widely acclaimed and deeply controversial role in the ideas, organization and public face of astronomy in post-war Britain. It chronicles the triumphs, acrimony, jealousies, rewards and bitter feuds of a field in turmoil, and meets the
astronomers, contemplating cosmic questions, keeping secrets, losing their tempers, winkling information out of distant stars and, over tea on the lawn, discussing the finer points of libel law.
Fred Hoyle's Universe draws on previously confidential government documents, recently released personal correspondence and interviews with Hoyle's friends, colleagues and critics, as well as with Hoyle himself, to bring you the man, the science, and the scandal behind the genial and genteel facade
of the most exciting period in the history of astronomy.


1. Coming to light ;
2. Hut No. 2 ;
3. Into the limelight ;
4. New world ;
5. Under fire ;
6. New genesis ;
7. The end of the endless cosmos ;
8. Fighting for space ;
9. Storm clouds ;
10. 'Dear Mr Hogg' ;
11. His institute ;
12. The end of the beginning ;
13. The Astronomer Hoyle ;
14. The beginning of the end ;
15. Freelance scientist ;
16. Apocalyptic visions ;
17. Anti-Darwin ;
18. A new cosmology


Jane Gregory is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Science and Technology Studies at University College London.


"Astronomy buffs will enjoy this hard-to-put down account of Hoyle's life."--Choice"Among all British scientists, Fred Hoyle must be one of the most promising subjects for a biography. This is [because of] the importance and originality of his research; the fact that his science covers themes that attract wide public interest; and his role as one of the outstanding publicists of science.'"--Professor Sir Martin Rees, FRS (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University)"[Jane Gregory] has a rare ability to combine a high level of historical scholarship with some very interesting ideas on the public understanding of science, all expressed in a highly readable narrative."--Dr Andrew Warwick (History of Science, Imperial College)"For decades Hoyle's slightly cherubic face and crisp waves of hair graced many an article in the popular press and science fiction novel jacket. His was the Voice of the Astronomer to the public, and the pioneer in the steady-state theory of cosmology to the professional, but behind the facade he was subject to the same controversies and squabbles endured by any other run-of-the-mill academic. Gregory keeps both the public and the private in mind as she describes the career and family life of Hoyle, his studies and the dedication they inspired in him to conduct a life in science, his confrontations with Ryle and Caltech, his publication of masses of work and his activism on behalf of his more reticent colleagues for funding and recognition for their work, his move to Cambridge and eventual resignation, his contributions to debates over the proper winners of Nobel Prizes, his sojourns in other disciplines and ideas, and his legacy."--SciTech Book News
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