Solidarity in Europe: The History of an Idea

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Februar 2005



A comprehensive study of the idea of solidarity from the early nineteenth century to the present.


Introduction: to study the idea of solidarity; Part I. Three Traditions of Solidarity: 1. Solidarity in classic social theory; 2. Politics: solidarity from Marx to Bernstein; 3. Religion: solidarity in Catholicism and Protestantism; Part II. The Idea of Solidarity in Politics in Western Europe: 4. European variations of solidarity discourses in social democracy; 5. A comparative perspective on social democratic solidarity; 6. The great challenger: the Christian democratic idea of solidarity; 7. The languages of modern social democratic and Christian democratic solidarity; 8. Two excursions: Marxist-Leninist and fascist solidarity; Part III. Present Precariousness of Solidarity: 9. Solidarity in modern social philosophy and Christian ethics; 10. Epilogue: hope and challenges - individualisation, consumerism and globalisation.


Steinar Stjerno (1945) is a political scientist, and former Rector of Oslo University College (1994-2000). He is a member of several research committees of the Norwegian Council of Research, and has written books and reports on poverty and comparative social policy. In 2006 he was appointed by the Norwegian government to head a commission on reforms of higher education.


Review of the hardback: ' ... important and fascinating book [that] will be valuable to political theorists and sociologists ... a rich, multifaceted presentation of different meanings of solidarity in social theory, socialist theory and religious ethics ... ' Perspectives in Politics Review of the hardback: 'Stjerno has produced a detailed and thorough text that covers a wide spectrum of social and political thought ... a particularly important contribution ... The book will be indispensable for anyone interested in the theoretical aspects of social welfare'. Social Development Issues Review of the hardback: ' ... the book must be regarded as a useful complement to the political science literature on the European welfare state.' Political Studies Review
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