Individualizing Professional Development: A Framework for Meeting School and District Goals

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'Developed around an unassailable conceptual framework of adult learning theory, self-directed learning, action research, critical reflection, and group learning, Husby pointedly addresses the interests and standards of society; her individualized professional development program provides for professional accountability because individuals' goals must impact student achievement, and it adheres to professional standards as explicated by the National Staff Development Council' - from the Foreword by Jo Blase, Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Georgia
'This book makes a distinct contribution to the field by stressing ownership of growth by the adult learner and the role of the facilitator in creating a fertile environment for growth. It fills an unmet need on the market' - Mike Ford, Superintendent of Schools, Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District, NY
'I was completely engrossed with this book. Husby hit on all the important steps in establishing a staff development program and not only explains the 'how' but also the 'why'' - Catherine Kilfoyle Duffy, English Language Arts Chairperson, Three Village Central School District, East Setauket, NY
Provide learner-focused professional development that builds organizational capacity!
When teachers direct their own professional growth activities, learning is more meaningful and effective. But how can a program capitalize on this fact while remaining focused on larger school and district performance goals?
Individualizing Professional Development explains how to satisfy both individual needs and preferences of teachers and organizational demands for accountability and improved student achievement. Author Vicki R. Husby integrates best practices of adult learning, action research, and self-directed learning into a job-embedded professional development process that successfully joins these sometimes competing goals.
Designed as a how-to manual, this accessible resource includes:
- Step-by-step directions for designing and implementing a program
- Mini-lesson directions and materials
- A photocopiable learning plan template
- Examples of participants' individualized learning plans
Considering today's high-stakes educational environment, the need for this flexible, sustainable, and inexpensive professional development program has never been greater. Discover the tools and strategies to facilitate individualized teacher learning and improve academic performance.


Foreword - Jo Blase
About the Author
1. Introduction: Meeting Every Teacher's Needs
2. Structuring the Professional Development Program
3. The Learning Plan
4. Working From the Learning Plan: Identifying Focus
5. Working From the Learning Plan: Defining the Problem
6. Working From the Learning Plan: Planning for Self-Directed Study
7. Working From the Learning Plan: Self-Directed Study
8. Incorporating Learning Plans Into Existing Professional Development Programs
9. Adjusting the Model to Meet School and District Needs
10. Preparing for Participant Responses to Self-Directed Learning
11. Guiding Self-Directed Learning: Do's and Don'ts
Resource A: Session Agendas
Resource B: Learning Plan
Resource C: Reproducible Templates


Vicki Husby is a curriculum specialist and instructional coach with Walton County Schools in Georgia. She is a former daycare teacher, public school teacher, assistant principal and assistant professor of "Supervision of Instruction" at the University of Georgia. She received her Ed.D. at the University of Georgia in educational leadership after studying teachers' experiences with self-directed staff development. She holds educational credentials in elementary education, middle grades education, gifted education, special education and educational leadership. Her areas of expertise include professional development and teacher development, academic interventions, and program development. Her professional experience has been shaped by teaching and leadership roles at middle school, high school, district office and university levels.
Dr. Husby was selected as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's 2000 Honor Teacher for her work with middle grades at-risk students. She is the editor and a co-author of the annual Teacher's Guide for O,Georgia Too: An Awesome Collection of Original Writings by Young Georgians. Her non-fiction narrative, "Like Mother", was published in O,Georgia: A Collection of Georgia's Newest and Most Promising Writers, Volume 3.


"Both practical and research-based, her text provides specific lesson outlines for staff developers to introduce and facilitate action research as a critical form of professional development for adult learners. Husby offers us a way to see our practice with new eyes through inquiry and perhaps grow our teaching through data analysis. She makes a convincing argument that self-directed learning is what our teachers want and need. The kind of professional development Husby describes results in real reform: helping teachers grow as individuals within a community effort, not as cogs in a wheel of prepackaged programs."
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