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This book provides a concise and much-needed introduction to the sociology of fashion. Most studies do not make a clear distinction between clothing and fashion. Kawamura argues that clothing is a tangible product whereas fashion is a symbolic cultural product. She debunks the myth of "the genius designer" and explains that fashion is not about clothes but is a belief. There is an institutional structure, ignored by many fashion theorists, that has shaped and produced the fashion phenomenon. Kawamura further shows how the structural nature of the fashion system works to legitimize designers' creativity and can make them successful. Newer fashion cities, such as Milan and New York, are the product of the fashion system that originated in Paris. Without that systemic structure, fashion culture would not exist.


Introduction * Etymology of Fashion * Fashion as a Concept and a Phenomenon * Proponents and Opponents of Fashion * Studies of Fashion in Social Science * Outline of the BookSociological Discourse and Empirical Studies of Fashion * Classical Sociological Discourse of Fashion * Fashion, Modernity and Social Mobility * The Origin of Fashion Phenomenon * Contemporary Sociological Studies of Fashion * Fashion and Sociology of Culture * Fashion as a Manufactured Cultural Symbol * ConclusionFashion as an Institutionalized System * Theoretical Framework of Fashion-ology * Fashion as a Myth Supported by the System * Different Approaches to Fashion Systems * The Beginning of the Fashion System * Fashion Production as Collective Activity * Empirical Study: The French Fashion System as a Prototype * ConclusionDesigners: The Personification of Fashion * Designers in the Studies of Fashion * Designers, Creativity and Social Structure * Legitimation of Designer's Creativity * The Star System of Designers * Hierarchy Among Designers in the Fashion System * ConclusionProduction, Gatekeeping and Diffusion of Fashion * Diffusion Theories of Fashion * Gatekeepers: Making Aesthetic Judgments * Diffusion Strategies from Fashion Dolls to Fashion Shows * Fashion Propaganda through Advertising * ConclusionAdoption and Consumption of Fashion * Consumption: A Historical Perspective * Consuming Fashion as Symbolic Strategies * Consumption and Social Status * Consumers in Modern and Postmodern Times * Conclusion


Yuniya Kawamura is Assistant Professor of Sociology, Fashion Institute of Technology.


'Yuniya Kawamura's Fashion-ology provides an exhaustive and enlightening survey of the literature on fashion in the social sciences from the nineteenth century to the present. Her book will contribute enormously to establishing fashion as a legitimate subject for research and teaching in the social sciences and humanities.'Diana Crane, University of Pennsylvania
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Untertitel: An Introduction to Fashion Studies. 'Dress, Body, Culture'. bibliography, index. Sprache: Englisch.
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