Measurement by the Physical Educator with Powerweb: Health and Human Performance

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August 2001



Providing a solid foundation in measurement and evaluation, this text helps students learn how to measure physical performance, construct and select tests, and grade the results. Students also get hands-on experience practicing with statistical techniques, using the computer, choosing the appropriate test, and designing a new test. New texts now come packaged with Health & Human Performance PowerWeb!


1. Measurement, Evaluation, Assessment and Statistics. 2. Describing and Presenting a Distribution of Scores. 3. Investigating the Relationship of and Differences in Scores. 4. What is a Good Test? 5. Construction of Knowledge Tests. 6. Assessing and Grading the Students. 7. Construction and Administration of Psychomotor Tests. 8. Agility. 9. Balance. 10. Cardiorespiratory Fitness. 11. Flexibility. 12. Muscular Strength, Endurance and Power. 13. Anthropometry and Body Composition. 14. Posture and Body Mechanics. 15. Physical Fitness. 16. Older Adult. 17. Special Populations. 18. Sports Skills. 19. Affective Behavior. Appendix A. Square Root Example. Appendix B. Values of the Correlation. Appendix C. Critical Values of t (Two-Tailed Test). Appendix D. F-Distribution. Appendix E. Values of the Studentized Range.
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