Papers in Ethics and Social Philosophy: Volume 3

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Februar 2005



This third volume of Lewis's papers is devoted to his work in ethics and social philosophy.


Introduction; 1. Semantic analyses for dyadic deontic logic; 2. A problem about permission; 3. Reply to McMichael; 4. Why ain'cha rich?; 5. Desire as belief I; 6. Desire as belief II; 7. Dispositional theories of value; 8. The Trap's dilemma; 9. Evil for freedom's sake?; 10. Do we believe in penal substitution?; 11. Convention: reply to Jamieson; 12. Meaning without use: reply to Hawthorne; 13. Illusory innocence?; 14. Mill and Milquetoast; 15. Academic appointments: why ignore the advantage of being right?; 16. Devil's bargains and the real world; 17. Buy like a MADman, use like a NUT; 18. The punishment that leaves something to chance; 19. Scriven on human unpredictability (with Jane S. Richardson).
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