Phosphate Deposits of the World: Volume 1: Proterozoic and Cambrian Phosphorites

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This book is an important contribution to the scientific understanding of phosphate deposits.


List of contributors; Preface; Acknowledgements; Proterozoic and Cambrian phosphorites; 1. An introduction P. J. Cook and J. H. Shergold; 2. Regional review: world resources A. J. G. Notholt and R. P. Sheldon; 3. Regional review: Australia P. F. Howard; 4. Regional review: China Li Yueyan; 5. Regional review: Asian part of USSR and Mongolian People's Republic A. L. Yanshin; 6. Regional review: Indian subcontinent C. M. Banerjee; 7. Regional review: Europe A. J. G. Notholt and M. D. Brasier; 8. Regional review: North America R. L. Christie and R. P. Sheldon; 9. Regional review: West Africa M. Slansky; 10. Regional review: Brazil M. A. Dardenne, R. Trompette, L. F. Magalhaes and L. A. Soares; 11. Deposits: Lady Annie, Queensland, Australia P. J. Cook and S. A. Elgueta; 12. Deposits: Kunyang, Ynnan, China Yeh Lientsun, Sun Shu, Chen Qiying and Guo Shizeng; 13. Deposits: Lao Cai, Vietnam Tran Quoc An and Nguyen Dang Khoa; 14. Deposits: Khubsugul, Mongolian People's Republic A. V. Ilyin, N. S. Zaitsev and Z. Bjamba; 15. Deposits: Karatau, southern Zazakhstan, USSR E. A. Eganov, Yu. K. Sovetov and A. L. Yanshin; 16. Deposits: Hazara, Pakistan Mirza Talib Hasan; 17. Deposits: Jhamarkotra, Rajasthan, India R. Choudhuri and A. B. Roy; 18. Deposits: Fontanarejo, Spain E. Perconig, F. Vazquez, F. Velando and F. Leyva; 19. Deposits: Volta Basin, West Africa J. Lucas, Av. Ilyin and A. Kuhn; 20. Specialist studies: chemical and mineral characteristics of some Cambrian and Precambrian phosphorites G. H. McClellan and F. N. Saavedra; 21. Specialist studies: geochemistry of organic matter in Middle Cambrian phosphorites from the Georgina Basin, north-eastern Australia M. W. Sandstrom; 22. Specialist studies: Early Cambrian palaeogeography, palaeoceanography and phosphorites J. T. Parrish, A. M. Ziegler, C. R. Scotese, R. G. Humphreville and J. K. Kirschvink; 23. Specialist studies: biochronology of Proterozoic and Cambrian phosphorites J. H. Shergold and M. D. Brasier; 24. Specialist studies: Middle Cambrian phosphatic hardgrounds, phoscrete profiles and stromatolites, and their implications for phosphogenesis P. N. Southgate; 25. Specialist studies: phosphogenesis and its relationship to exploration for Proterozoic and Cambrian phosphorites S. R. Riggs; 26. Nature and origin P. J. Cook and J. H. Shergold; Conclusions; References.
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