Visualizing Spanish Modernity

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Juli 2005



Examines how mass print culture, early cinema, popular drama, photography, fashion, painting, museums and urban planning played a role in the way that Spanish society saw itself, and was in turn seen by the rest of the world. This book concentrates on the time period 1868-1939.


Visibly Modern Madrid: Mesonero, Visual Culture and the Apparatus of Urban Reform-- Rebecca Haidt, Ohio State University *Thresholds of Visibility at the Borders of Madrid: Mesonero and Gmez de la Serna--Andrew Bush,
* Observing the City, Mediating the City: Political Urbanism in Barcelona's Mirador (1929-32)--Robert A. Davidson, University of Toronto
* Death, Madness and Nation-Formation in Spanish Historical Paintings of the Late Nineteenth Century--Jo Labanyi, University of Southampton
* Seeing the Dead: Manual and Mechanical Specters in Modern Spain--Brad Epps, Harvard University
* Santiago Rusiol's Impresiones de arte in the Age of Tourism: Seeing Andalusia after Seeing Paris--Elena Cueto Asn, Bowdoin College
* Joan Mir and Mass Culture--Flix Fans, Universitat Autnoma of Barcelona
* From Engraving to Photo: A Discussion of Transitional Technologies in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction--Lou Charnon-Deutsch, State University of New York, Stony Brook
* Landscape in the Photography of Spain--Lee Fontanella, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
* Isidora at the Museum: The Training of the Modern Gaze in Early Twentieth-Century Madrid--Luis Fernndez Cifuentes, Harvard University The Evolution of the Cultural Meanings and Uses of Spain's Regional Dress--Jesusa Vega, Autonomous University of Madrid
* Foresight, Blindness or Illusion? Women and Citizenship in the Second Series of Galds's Episodios nacionales--David George, Bates College
* Madrid on Screen: Modern Modes of Seeing in Pern and Palacios' Cinematgrafo Nacional--Susan Larson, University of Kentucky
* Coloring Space and Time: The Spectacle of Race in Spanish Silent Film--Eva Woods, Vassar College
* Modern Anxiety and Documentary Cinema in Republican Spain --Geoffrey B. Pingree, Oberlin College
* The Last Look from the Border--Joan Ramon Resina, Cornell University


Susan Larson is Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of Kentucky. Eva Maria Woods is Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies at Vassar College.


'No-one who cares about modern peninsular Spanish studies can afford to overlook this expertly marshalled collection, which stands out as a landmark in the study of Spanish visual culture 1830-1939. The delineation of a conflicted modernity is a particular strength, which results in a re-definition of Spanish modernism and post-modernism.'Robin Fiddian, Professor of Spanish, Fellow of Wadham College, University of Oxford'Just glancing over the Contents of Visualizing Spanish Modernity whets the curiosity and quickens the pulse. The essays themselves convey the thirst for and the anxiety surrounding the modernity that was inexorably defining Spain as she set on the turbulent path that led to the post-Civil War years. An important book.'Selma Holo, Professor of Museum Studies, Department of Art History, University of Southern California'This book focuses on the fructiferous field of international Hispanism leading the area of humanistic research. Drawing on essays written about fil
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