The Politics of the Urban Poor in Early Twentieth-Century India

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Oktober 2004



Nandini Gooptu's magisterial history of the labouring poor in India represents a tour-de-force.


List of tables; Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; Select glossary; 1. The study and its perspectives; Part I. Changing Conditions and Experiences in Interwar North India: 2. The poor in the urban setting; 3. Urban local policies and the poor; 4. Urban policing and the poor; Part II. Modes of Political Action and Perception: 5. Untouchable assertion; 6. Militant Hinduism; 7. Resurgent Islam; 8. Nationalist action; 9. Congress socialist mobilisation; 10. The politics of exclusion and the 'virtuous deprived'; Bibliography; Index.


'... this is a very rich book, thoroughly researched and careful in arguments.' Ravinder Kaur, Indian Institute of Technology 'Some readers may be provoked by Gooptu's reintroduction of 'class' as a prominent analytical category. It is a timely provocation.' Internationales Asienforum 'Gooptu conclusively dismantles essentialist views of Hinduism and Islam as well as of the poor. For this alone, The Politics of the Urban Poor in Early Twentieth-Century India should re required reading for final year undergraduates and graduates in South Asian history, politics or religious studies.' Contemporary South Asia 'Gooptu provides a sophisticated analysis ... She combines this with a profound theoretical understanding of historical processes ... rich empirical material ... Gooptu has shown considerable intellectual skill in writing a social history of the urban ... there is much we can learn from this study'. Journal of International Review of Social History
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