Data Analysis and Presentation Skills: An Introduction for the Life and Medical Sciences

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September 2004



Undergraduate and post-graduate students in the life sciences are required to research scientific information using a variety of resources. They are then required to use this information to design experiments, generate results, analyse their data and ultimately present this information to academics and referees. The title provides students with the opportunity of developing key skills within several areas enabling them to use such skills as research and presentation tools. * A hands-on approach introducing essential ICT skills required for bioscientists to work through final year projects and postgraduate study * Enables students to develop key skills within several areas and utilising ICT as a research and presentation tool * Introduces fundamental theory alongside practical applications to enhance student understanding * Includes numerous relevant examples and case studies relevant to students within the biosciences


1 Working in theWindows Environment.
1.1 Basic computing terms.
1.2 Working inWindows.
1.3 General functions in Microsoft applications.
2 Researching and Planning Scientific Investigations.
2.1 Sources of information.
2.2 Experimental design.
3 Presenting Scientific Data.
3.1 An Introduction to Microsoft Excel.
3.2 Presenting graphs and charts.
4 Preliminary Data Analysis.
4.1 Descriptive statistics.
4.2 Frequency distributions .
4.3 Correlation and linear regression
5 Statistical Analysis.
5.1 Selecting a statistical test.
5.2 Statistical tests for two samples.
5.3 Analysis of variance.
5.4 The Chi-squared test.
6 Presentational Skills.
6.1 Preparing for seminars.
6.2 Using Microsoft PowerPoint.
6.3 Poster presentations.
Further reading.
Alt key codes for special symbols in Microsoft applications.
Statistical tables.
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