The Aesthetics of Emulation in the Visual Arts of Ancient Rome

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September 2012



Arguing that the scholarship on this topic has not appreciated Roman values in the visual arts, this book examines Roman strategies for the appropriation of the Greek visual culture. A knowledge of Roman values explains the entire range of visual appropriation in Roman art, which includes not only the phenomenon of copying, but also such manifestations as allusion, parody, and, most importantly, aemulatio, successful rivalry with one's models.


Introduction: a critical time in the study of Roman artistic imitation; 1. Decorum and tradition: the beginnings of a theoretical apparatus; 2. Decorum and patron: the functions of art; 3. The marginalization of innovation: Kopienkritik and the construct of the free copy; 4. The strategy of eclecticism; 5. Phantasia: the artist's vision as model.


Ellen Perry is assistant professor in the Department of Classics at the College of the Holy Cross. A Fellow of the American Academy in Rome, she is a scholar of Roman art and has contributed to Classical Philology and Hesperia.


"Perry's book offers an extensive critique of previous scholarship and a thoroughgoing investigation of the implications of more modern approaches. In so doing, Perry's book challenges art historians on both sides of the issue to re-examine their beliefs, and it should stimulate further, more nuanced consideration of this important topic." CAA Review Rachel Kousser
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