Asymptotic Theory of Separated Flows

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This book presents the asymptotic theory of separate flows in a systematic account.


Preface; 1. The theory of separation from a smooth surface; 2. Flow separation from corners of a body contour; 3. Flow in the vicinity of the trailing edge of a thin airfoil; 4. Separation at the leading edge of a thin airfoil; 5. The theory of unsteady separation; 6. The asymptotic theory of flow past blunt bodies; 7. Numerical methods for solving the equations of interaction theory; References.


Review of the hardback: 'This book seems, to this reviewer at least, to be one of the best such contributions in the area of separated flow theory ... is there likely to be a large readership for the book? This reviewer hopes so, and recommends the book highly to both newcomers and those experienced in the field.' F. T. Smith, University College, London Review of the hardback: 'With this book, the authors make a notable contribution to the field.' Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science
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