Ordering the International: History, Change and Transformation

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Juli 2004



Companion volume to 'Making the International'. An excellent students guide to international studies.


Book 2 Ordering the International: History, Change and Transformation
Chapter 1 The subject and scope of International Studies (Simon Bromley and William Brown) Part1 States and the states-system
Chapter 2 The origins and evolution of the European states-system (Benno Teschke)
Chapter 3 Universalism and difference in international society (Simon Bromley)
Chapter 4 A liberal international order? (William Brown)
Chapter 5 American power and the future of international order (Simon Bromley) Part 2 Culture, rights and justice
Chapter 6 Culture, identity and international relations (Robert Garson)
Chapter 7 Rights and justice in international relations (Raia Prokhovnik)
Chapter 8 Culture, international politics and Islam: debating continuity and change (Sami Zubaida)
Chapter 9 Culture, rights and justice in a globalizing world (Jef Huysmans) Part 3 Technology, inequality and the network society
Chapter 10 Technology, investment and economic growth (Roberto Simonetti)
Chapter 11 Global inequality, economic globalization and technological change (Grahame Thompson)
Chapter 12 The global network society and transnational networks of dissent (Helen Yanacopulos and Giles Mohan)
Chapter 13 Technologies, agency and the shape of the future (Helen Yanacopulos, Tim Jordan and Rafal Rohozinski) Part 4 Models of international order
Chapter 14 Characterizing international order (William Brown)
Chapter 15 Transforming international order? (Simon Bromley and Mark J Smith)


Dr Simon Bromley is Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy in the Faculty of Social Sciences at The Open University. He is the author of American Hegemony and World Oil (Polity Press, 1990) and Rethinking Middle East Politics (Polity Press, 1993). He has recently contributed to and edited Governing the European Union (Sage, 2001). Dr William Brown is Lecturer in Government and Politics at The Open University. He is author of The European Union and Africa: the restructuring of north-south relations (I.B. Tauris, 2001). Dr Suma Athreye has a degree in Science and Technology Policy Studies from the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) in 1996. She was a Research Fellow, Centre for Business Research at the University of Cambridge and taught at the Manchester School of Management at UMIST. Her main research interests lie in the areas of Economics of Technological Change, Industrial Development, and Economic Geography.
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