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November 2005



Frank McCourt continues his life story in the brilliant, bestselling sequel to the million-selling 'Angela's Ashes'.


Frank McCourt wurde 1930 in Brooklyn in New York als Kind irischer Einwanderer geboren, wuchs in Limerick in Irland auf und kehrte 1949 nach Amerika zurück. Dreißig Jahre lang hat er an New Yorker High Schools unterrichtet. Für sein erstes Buch, "Die Asche meiner Mutter", 1996 erschienen, erhielt er den Pulitzerpreis, den National Book Critics Circle Award und den L.A. Times Book Award. Frank McCourt verstarb im Juli 2009.


"Tis' feels like a friend, telling the tales of his life over a pint, with charm and humour, economy and pace. There is a sense of loss when you have to close the pages and sleep, or go on to other things. McCourt is a masterful writer. All who read 'Angela's Ashes' will read "Tis'. They will love it, and so did I.' Independent on Sunday 'Few will be able to resist this pacey and fluid sequel. In post-war New York, McCourt moves through work as a longshoreman, a spell in the army, to night-school, to become a creative writing teacher encouraging his kids to "write about what you know" -- the same policy that has led him to belated international celebrity. McCourt's gift lies not simply in having lived through interesting times, but having developed his skills as an editor and narrator to produce two fine, funny and moving slices of a past that is not simply Ireland's, but everyone's.' Guardian 'Every page contains an unforced laugh. The gloom is indivisible from moments of great joy and compassion -- the sound of jazz pouring from a club, the comforting arm of a fellow worker -- which McCourt is able to express in his fresh and supple prose. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, McCourt has the power to transform even the saddest recollections into sentences of great beauty, and in that beauty lies the possibility of salvation.' Mail on Sunday
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